Green card success story at St. Louis immigration office

Green card success story at St. Louis immigration office

Our clients waited a total of five and a half months for their spouse-based green card case to be approved.  The wife is a recent U.S. citizen and the husband visited his sister in late 2012, where he met his new bride.  After a brief trip back to his home country, the husband returned and the couple married a few months later.

We filed the I-130 marriage petition, the I-485 application to adjust status to that of permanent lawful resident, the I-131 travel document and the I-765 work authorization.  We provided all of the supporting documentation.

Last week, we met with the couple to prepare them for the interview and engage in mock interview questions.  We attended the interview last week and today received notice that the case had received final approval.


Good news today from one of our Green card cases. Hi, I’m Jim Hacking, immigration attorney here in St. Louis, Missouri, and I’m talking to you today about a recent success we had at the immigration office here in St. Louis, Missouri. We have a client who came to see us about six months ago. She had recently gotten married. Her husband had come here from overseas, and they had just gotten married. It’s a very typical case of ours. We handle these Green Card cases based on marriage all the time. It was a very straight forward case. The husband and wife came in and we had them fill out the paperwork. They gathered up all the documents they needed in order to get the Green Card.

There’s sort of two parts to the process. One is, Immigration is going to inquire into the validity of the marriage. The other is whether the person is a good person who is being sponsored, to see whether or not they deserve to receive a Green Card. We had them fill out our client intake form. We asked them all the questions on one form so that they don’t have to fill out multiple forms over, and over, and over. We just get the information from them in one set, and then we put it into all the different forms that we file. We file the I-130, the I-45, that’s the Spouse Visa and the Green Card Application. We also file the I-131, which is the Travel Document, and the I-765, which is the Work Authorization.

After we filed all that, we got receipt notices back. We imputed all that into our system so that we can keep track on-line of our clients’ cases and how they’re progressing. Then after that our client was sent for fingerprints so that they could do a background check on him, and about six weeks later he received his Work Authorization Card in the mail. That was sort of faster than most cases. A lot of time the Work Authorization takes a few months. His came quickly. After that we’re just waiting while they do the overall background check and scheduling the case for an interview. We had submitted lots of evidence of the validity of the marriage.

During the time between when we first filed and when we had our interview, we had our clients gathering similar documents. More pictures of the two of them together, life insurance together, bank statements together, so that we could demonstrate to the immigration officer that the case had been legitimate and was properly filed. The clients came in two weeks ago, we prepared them for their interview. We role played where I acted like I was the immigration officer. I told my clients, “Answer the questions as quickly, and as concisely, and as honestly as you can. No one’s out to trick you, but at the same time, you’re not there to tell your whole life story.”

We did all that. We prepped for about an hour, got them ready, got them confident to make sure that they knew that they could do it. We went down for our interview last Thursday, and the whole interview took all of 15 minutes. Very cute couple, very nice people. The immigration officer saw that it was a valid marriage and was pretty straight forward. The client didn’t have any major … had no criminal convictions, no problems, so that made it pretty straight forward as well. We got the approval notice in the mail yesterday. Our clients are now going to be able to live together here in the United States.

The fellow from overseas is going to get a two year Green Card. Later on he’ll have to get those conditions removed to get a unconditional Permanent Resident Card, and then they’ll be all set. We were happy to help them. It’s a success for the office. We get these all the time, but still, even so, it makes each one happy and we’re glad that those were approved, and we’re happy for our clients. If you have any questions about this or anything related to Spouse Visas or Green Cards, give us a call: 314-961-8200. Thanks.