Learn how a fiancé visa case can go wrong if you don’t use a solid immigration attorney

Learn how a fiancé visa case can go wrong if you don’t use a solid immigration attorney

Hi. I’m Jim Hacking, immigration attorney, practicing immigration law here in St. Louis, Missouri. One of the things we talk about a lot on these videos is the error of doing immigration applications on your own. While there are certainly cases that individuals who’ve not been trained in the law, or who are not immigration practitioners can handle on their own, if there’s any issues or any major complications, you should really consider hiring an immigration attorney, and today’s story highlights how that can work.

We were recently contacted by a very smart young lady who works full time. She was engaged to someone that she planned on marrying back in her home country. So she decided that she was going to file an I-129F, a fiance visa, on her own. Like I said, she was very capable, very intelligent. She went on the internet. She looked around. She got on chat boards and figured out what forms needed to be filed with her I-129. She filled out those forms to the best of her ability, sent them off, and after a while she received a request for evidence from Immigration. So her case had been pending for about 2 or 3 months, and because of the request for evidence, that stops everything. Immigration doesn’t act on your case while a request for evidence is pending.

So think of it like a ping pong ball. You send the application off to them. It’s in their court. Then they send a request for evidence back, and it’s in your court. So she took some time to get the document that she thought that they wanted, and she sent it off to them. So now the ping pong ball has gone back over to them. Well, lo and behold, she sent back the wrong form. Incredibly, the Immigration Service denied her application. Now, they could very well easily have made it clear to her what the form was that they truly wanted, but maybe in their mind they thought that they had. So in any event, this lady wasted about 6 months of time, plus the filing fee on an I-129F. Most importantly, she was separated from her fiance for that much longer.

She came to see us a little while ago. We looked over the file. We refiled everything. We went through our systems and processes and got her application together as quickly as we could, sent it off to the Immigration Service, and I’m very happy to tell you that just today, very quickly, within about 2 weeks, we had the fiance visa approved. So now her case is back underway, going to the National Visa Center. Now this isn’t to toot our own horn and say how brilliant we are. What we do want to do, though, is highlight the fact that sometimes people make a big mistake in thinking that they’re going to save a little bit of money doing it themselves, when what we all want more than anything is time, especially time with our loved ones. Because of this mistake, they were separated for that much longer. So we’re very happy for our client. We’re glad that we were able to get her case moving again, restarted. But it’s just an example of why working with an experienced immigration attorney might be your best bet.

So if you have any questions about fiance visas, about how that process works from start to finish, give us a call. (314) 961-8200. Or you can always email me, [email protected]  We’d be happy to answer any questions you have, explain the process to you, or anything else that you might need. Thanks a lot. Have a good day.