Marriage-based immigrant visa and green card case gets approved

Marriage-based immigrant visa and green card case gets approved

Hi.  I’m Jim Hacking, immigration attorney here at St. Louis.  Today, we’re going to talk about a client of ours who we recently got to help out with two different matters.  It’s the cycle of the way things work around here at our immigration firm.  Our client who came to see us, we’ll call him Stan, have been working in the United States.  His employer had sponsored him for a green card many years ago, and he wanted to apply for citizenship.  We met with Stan, went over his paperwork, prepared everything, filed it, he got fingerprinted, had his background check conducted, and eventually got his interview notice in the mail.  We prepared him for the interview by going over the questions and preparing him.

He was a very well-organized individual, and he had records like I’ve never seen before.  He’s one of our best record keeping clients of all time.  He organizes file very carefully.  Unsurprisingly, his citizenship application was quickly approved.  Right after his citizenship ceremony which I attended, we decided that he wanted to apply for his wife.  They just got married.  In fact, they got married the day after the naturalization ceremony.  She was here on a visit visa.  Her name is Stella.  Stella and Stan, they decided to apply right away for a marriage-based visa.  The chronology of it was Stan got naturalized on a Tuesday, and he and Stella got married on Wednesday, and we filed about two weeks later.

They went to the county, got married, got their marriage certificate, we had all of Stella’s all paperwork, and we’re able to package it all together in an I-130, Petition for Alien Relative and a green card application.  We also obtained work authorization and a travel document for Stella in case she wanted to leave the country while the case was pending.  About four months after, she was fingerprinted.  She went in, and we prepared for her interview.  We went and roll the questions with her.  She like her husband was very prepared, got all their documents together, and had all their docs in a row which really goes to show you that when you’re organized and you present compelling evidence that the immigration service is going to look at your case a lot more favorably.

That’s what happened in this case.  By two weeks before the interview, Stella and Stan came in.  I interviewed both of them as if I were the immigration officer.  I told them about how they didn’t want to interrupt each other, didn’t want to answer each other’s questions, didn’t want to talk probably to each other, didn’t want to look to me for answers, how they wanted to answer the questions directly, to look the officer in the eye, and to answer as honestly as possible.  That’s just what they did.  We went down to the interview.  It was a very short interview, about 20 minutes.  It’s very nice couple.

We just, this week, have heard that they’ve been approved.  Start to finish, the process took about four and a half months.  From the time that they got married and we filed till the time that the welcome notice from USA has arrived was about four and a half months.  Obviously, we’re very happy for Stella and Stan.  These are the kinds of cases that we handle on a daily basis.  We have many marriage-based petitions.  We really think that we were able to help Stan and Stella a lot by putting their application in a strong light as possible.  When we went down and met with the officer, they know me.  They know that we don’t present junk cases to them.  The case was approved in about 10 days.

Overall, it took the couple about five months to get the green card overall.  We’re really happy for them that they’re going to be able to move forward on their life together.  If you have any questions about marriage-based visas, or about green cards, or about applying for a fiancé or a spouse, please give us a call, (314) 961-8200 or you can shoot me an email, [email protected] We’d be happy to talk it over with you.  Thanks a lot.