Our St. Louis Deportation Lawyers Can Help with EWI

Our St. Louis Deportation Lawyers Can Help with EWI

Are you wondering what happens in immigration inspection? Inspection means that you’ve come through the regular immigration process, that you’ve gone through customs, and that the U.S. government has had the opportunity to inspect you.

There are also people who are referred to as EWI: entered without inspection. This means that they have entered the country without inspection—such as by sneaking into the country—and the government doesn’t know they are here and didn’t make the decision as to whether or not they could come here.

Some people think that getting married can solve this issue, but marriage doesn’t solve the entry without inspection process. Sadly, we frequently receive calls from people who have a spouse who snuck into the country and is now getting deported. In many cases, we cannot do much for them. The decision depends heavily on the circumstances of the person, how long he or she has been here, and whether he or she violated any laws while here.

Marrying a U.S. citizen or having a U.S. citizen child—commonly referred to as an anchor baby—is really a myth. It’s a factor that can be considered when someone is fighting deportation, but for the most part, marrying a U.S. citizen or having a child after entering the country without inspection does not keep you here.

If you are facing deportation because of EWI, our St. Louis immigration lawyers may be able to help. Call 314-961-8200 to schedule a consultation.