Should I File an Immigration Request On My Own?

Should I File an Immigration Request On My Own?

Many people decide to handle their immigration requests by themselves because they think that the immigration service is there to help them. However, that’s the wrong way to think. While a lot of the people who work for the immigration service are very hard working and well meaning, it doesn’t mean that they are working for you. They are paid to scrutinize your profile in order to find things that are “wrong” in order to deny your case.

When you decide to “go it alone,” you’re facing the government all by yourself—and that’s not a place where you want to be.  If you’re filing an immigration request, you need to do everything in your power to make sure you don’t give the immigration service any reason to deny it.

When you work with the St. Louis immigration attorneys at Hacking Immigration Law, you’ll be working with a team who knows what the immigration service is looking for.  As we prepare your case for filing, we will sit down with you to examine any issues that you may face, such as past criminal records, which weaken your case. We will let you know whether you should proceed or whether you should wait a few more years to apply in order to ensure your case is presented as strongly as possible.

If you would like an experienced professional to examine your case, determine any possible problems, and build the best case possible, contact Hacking Immigration Law at 314.961.8200 today.