Should I Marry for a Spouse Visa or Green Card?

Should I Marry for a Spouse Visa or Green Card?

The United States places a great premium on spouse visas because, in many ways, marrying a US citizen can clear up a lot of immigration problems for people. For instance, sometimes people will have come to the United States and overstayed or will have worked without authorization. If those people marry a US citizen, the immigration service absolves them of those mistakes that they made.

Because of that, the immigration service jealously guards spouse visas and green cards. Therefore, if you’re considering marriage to a US citizen, you can expect a full inquiry into the purpose of the marriage, whether the marriage is valid, whether the basis of the green card is valid, and whether the citizen has entered into a legitimate marriage.

If you’re considering an illegitimate marriage for the purposes of gaining a spouse visa or green card, you could be facing big problems. There was a recent incident where two St. Louis criminal defense attorneys helped an immigrant obtain a fake spouse visa. When their scheme was uncovered, they lost their law licenses and the immigrant was deported.

At Hacking Immigration Law, we take legitimate and illegitimate marriages very seriously. If you’d like to marry someone to get a visa or green card, then we’re not the firm for you. However, if you want to marry for the right reasons and are having trouble with the immigration service, we are more than happy to help. Call us at 314.961.8200 to learn more.