St. Louis Immigration Lawyer Defines Deportation

St. Louis Immigration Lawyer Defines Deportation

Are you afraid of being deported? Do you know what that really means? In this video, St. Louis deportation lawyer Jim Hacking explains what happens during the deportation process.

The deportation process starts when you receive a notice to appear. The notice to appear will outline why the government thinks you should be deported. There could be a number of reasons why they believe you should be deported, including that you’ve entered the country without inspection, that you overstayed your visa, that you never had the authorization to work and you’ve been working without authorization, or that you’ve committed some kind of crime while you were here.

Depending upon the reason for deportation, you may or may not be placed in jail. If you have any kind of criminal activity in your background except minor fights or small charges, you will be spending a lot of time in jail during your deportation proceedings.

If you’ve received a notice to appear and are afraid of being deported, don’t let the time pass. Call a St. Louis deportation attorney at 314.961.8200 immediately to find out how we can help you.