What Is the Naturalization Process Like?

What Is the Naturalization Process Like?

Are you afraid to go through the naturalization process because of a fear of the unknown? As St. Louis immigration attorney Jim Hacking explains, the immigration service processes thousands of naturalization applications each year.

During your naturalization interview, you will be put under oath and videotaped. You will then be asked questions, such as to write out a question, read a sentence in English, and answer 10 questions on civics. Once you’ve passed the exam, they will discuss your application.

You will have to declare where you’ve lived and whether you’ve been involved in any criminal activity. They will ask you questions like, “have you ever committed a crime for which you haven’t been arrested?”

After they go through the application, and you have passed the test, you will need to sign some forms and will be scheduled for a naturalization ceremony. In some places, the immigration officer is empowered to naturalize you on the spot, but for the most part, the immigration services schedules naturalization ceremonies on a monthly basis.

At the ceremony itself you will have to declare whether you have you been out of the county, arrested, or divorced since your interview. The answers to these questions are very important, so if you do get into trouble between your interview and ceremony, you need to contact a St. Louis immigration lawyer. If you’re worried about your interview, call 314.961.8200 to schedule a confidential consultation.