Wondering how often citizenship and green card cases get approved at immigration?

Wondering how often citizenship and green card cases get approved at immigration?

The latest statistics from USCIS are out.  The stats detail the approval rates for naturalization cases, family-based green card cases (in which the non-citizen family member adjusts status in the U.S.) and employment-based green cards.

This video discusses the trends and explains what you can do to increase your chances of success at immigration.


What percentage of cases, either citizenship or green card cases get approved at USCIS? Hi, I’m Jim Hacking, immigration attorney here in St. Louis, Missouri. The USCIS recently released its third quarter fiscal year 2013 statistics on the approval rates for citizenship and green cards. We thought we’d talk about them on this video so that you might have a better understanding of the chances of success at immigration.

Overall, across the country, for citizenship cases USCIS denied sixty one thousand out of five hundred and eighty three thousand cases filed in the first nine months of fiscal year 2013. That’s a denial rate of about ten and a half percent. Ninety percent of naturalization cases get approved. Here in St. Louis we don’t have an actual field office. We’re a sub field office of the Kansas City field office and the Kansas City office denied four hundred and twenty cases out of five thousand six hundred and thirty three cases.

Roughly seven and a half percent or three percent less than the national average cases get denied. You may have a good chance of getting your naturalization case approved, assuming that you put the case together. You never know whether you’re going to be one of the cases that gets denied and you want to do everything you can to prevent that. We’ll talk a little bit about that at the end of the video.

On the family-based green card side USCIS denied eighteen thousand two hundred of them out of a hundred and seventy eight thousand that were filed. Roughly ten, again, ten point two five percent. Citizenship and family-based green card cases that are adjudicated in the United States as opposed to at the benefit center. Talking about a specific field office. About ten and a half percent of those cases get denied.

The Kansas City office denied a hundred and sixty three cases out of the sixteen hundred and eighty six cases that got process there. Right at ten percent as well. On the employment side based green cards, USCIS denied thirty one hundred out of thirty six thousand eight hundred and fifty, or about eight and a half percent and the Kansas City field office had the exact same percent. Eight and a half percent of the cases got denied. Seven out of the eighty two cases processed there in the first nine months of fiscal year 2013.

What does the data tell us? Well, I think it tells you that USCIS does approve cases. They approve a substantial number of cases. The data doesn’t show the delay in how long it takes for them to process them. It also doesn’t single out what leads them to deny certain cases so it really behooves you, I think, to work with an experienced immigration attorney to help you put your case in a strong a position as possible.

That’s our main goal. When we work with a client, our main goal is to take away reasons for USCIS to deny the case. When we sit down with someone and we go over their naturalization application or their green card application we go through each question carefully with the person to make sure that they don’t have anything in their background that’s going to cause USCIS to deny the case or we try to frame it in a way that makes it more palatable and more acceptable to USCIS.

Obviously, there’s some cases where you just can’t do anything and you can’t fix it. In a lot of these situations it really helps to boost the success chances by making sure that the people frame the case as well as possible, get all the documents together ahead of time, and do everything procedurally and substantively to give you the best chance of success at USCIS. We want all of our cases to get approved.

We want all of clients to get the immigration benefits that they deserve. If you have any questions about naturalization, about green cards, or if you want to know about your field office, what the percentages are, we’d be happy tp point you in the right direction. Give us a call. 314-961-8200 or you can shoot me an email. [email protected] Thanks.