Government Folds on Heightened Security Procedures at Federal Building

Government Folds on Heightened Security Procedures at Federal Building

A lawsuit filed by members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association in Denver, Colorado was successfully concluded this week after the federal government agreed to drop harsh identification procedures at the local federal building.

Last month, the security guards protecting the Denver federal building which houses the immigration court started requiring all persons entering the otherwise public building to either produce a government issued identification or submit to a lengthy background check.  After a Denver immigration attorney and his client were subjected to detention and extensive questioning, thereby missing a scheduled immigration hearing, the AILA lawyers filed suit in federal court.  The suit alleged that many undocumented immigrants, who were compelled to come to court to face deportation charges, were intimidated by the new procedures.

The suit also argued that the Federal Protective Service had overstepped its boundaries by requiring the heightened security.  A federal judge granted a temporary restraining order halting the procedure.

Yesterday, the security force backed down and agreed to go back to the typical security procedures that had been in place.  Congratulations to the immigration attorneys who banded together to stand up to the protective service.