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Issues related to immigration encompass almost all aspects of life. At Hacking Immigration Law, LLC, our St. Louis, MO immigration lawyers offer knowledgeable legal assistance that can help keep your life and goals on track. Whether you are seeking asylum, or need assistance applying for citizenship or a visa, your immigration needs may seem daunting to you and your family.

Immigration issues can be some of the most consequential in the law. These concerns are best answered by an attorney who knows what is at stake and is ready to fight for you. An experienced St. Louis, MO immigration lawyer can guide you through the important steps to take that can help resolve you and your family’s needs.

No case is the same, and our dedicated immigration lawyers develop personalized strategies for each client to address the immigration concerns at hand. Time is often of the essence in immigration situations. Contact us today to learn how our practice may be able to help you. En Español


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Trying to navigate the complicated world of United States immigration and citizenship can be tough. Learn how the St Louis immigration lawyers at Hacking Immigration Law help the people of St. Louis, Missouri with residence permits, asylum issues, employment- or family-based immigration.

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Regardless of your reasons for choosing to come to the United States, there are few things other than your family, job, health, and well-being that are more important than ensuring your ability to stay.

You are proud to live in the U.S., and we are glad you are here. But along with the clearance to live and work in this great country comes a complicated world of paperwork and laws that is often difficult to navigate. You need the help of an immigration lawyer as this can be especially challenging when you are facing a language barrier or serious legal roadblocks.


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When Jim Hacking launched his immigration law practice, he did so to provide excellent customer experiences in the immigration realm. For years as an immigration lawyer, Jim had heard complaints and problems that people were having with getting good results at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. The St. Louis immigration attorneys at our law firm are dedicated to helping people navigate the complicated immigration process, regulations, and bureaucracy of the USCIS.

With this in mind, the purpose of this website is to provide individuals looking for immigration help with the greatest amount of information that they can get in order to make an informed decision regarding whether or not they need the help of a St. Louis immigration lawyer in resolving their immigration problem. Please spend some time on the site and look at our immigration services and let us know if there is an article or legal issue that you would like to see addressed.

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Client Review

By: Muhammad A.

Title: Best law firm for immigration cases

I am extremely happy with the services of Jim Hacking Immigration Law for my immigration related case. I had several conversations with the attorneys Jim and Andrew & the paralegal team, Melissa and Layla, I found my legal team very responsive and accommodating to my requests. I thank you for helping on my case. Sometimes there were tough discussions, but the legal team did not lose patience and I genuinely appreciate it. They stepwise preparation of my case encouraged me to gather evidence again and again and again. It was a good strategy as I dug deep in collecting evidence every time and came some sort of evidence which would or could be helpful in my case. Q & A sessions covered the case fully and I am very much hopeful about the outcome. Jim emails me regularly about the latest immigration related developments which helps me update myself. I would definitely recommend Hacking Law to family, friends and colleagues. Thank you and please keep up the hard work.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars