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You are a company that is growing and succeeding. You want to hire a foreign worker to fill an important position. That worker may be abroad or already be in the U.S. — maybe they are already working for you temporarily.

Our immigration system recognizes that U.S. companies need the right people to succeed in an ever-challenging marketplace. By developing a comprehensive and effective visa strategy, you can take advantage of this recognition in two ways: by hiring an individual temporarily (through a nonimmigrant visa) or permanently (immigrant visa or green card).

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U.S. employers may petition the immigration service for temporary (not permanent) visas that allow foreign workers to fill identified positions for a designated period of time. The primary visa program for this purpose is the H-1B program, which allows U.S. employers to hire professional workers (with a bachelor's degree or higher) for professional positions (requiring an individual with a bachelor's degree or higher) for a period of up to six years.


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The only way that we have found to get USCIS moving on your case is to sue the agency in federal district court and ask a judge to compel USCIS to take action on your case.
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The attorneys at the Hacking Immigration Law are dedicated to helping the foreign-born people of St. Louis to live and work in the United States. This dedication is reflected in the kind and grateful words of the clients they have helped. Read what others have to say about the hard work that the Hacking Immigration Law has done to help those in St. Louis.

Does paying for premium processing on an H1B case mean I will find out sooner if our case was selected in the lottery?

Premium processing is an add-on service that USCIS offers for a variety of immigration cases, primarily in the employment-based visa categories.Premium processing costs an additional $1225 in USCIS filing fees.

What is the H-1B visa lottery and how does it work?

In 2014, USCIS received more than 172,000 H-1B visa applications on the April 1st deadline, exceeding Congress’s cap by 87,000 applications.

Can an Unmarried Son or Daughter of a Lawful Permanent Resident Keep Their F2B Visa Classification After Their Sponsoring Parent Naturalizes?

The immigration laws treat the adult, unmarried children of citizens differently than the adult, unmarried children of lawful permanent residents.

What is the "newspaper of general circulation" for PERM job postings?

The Department of Labor requires employers to advertise positions that they intend to submit a PERM application on to publish the job position in the local newspaper of general circulation.

Can I Apply for Citizenship with an Expired Green Card?

In the past, USCIS and some immigration attorneys believed that you could not become a naturalized citizen if you did not have a valid green card (LPR) card to bring with you to your naturalization interview.

Is there such a thing as expedited removal of an immigrant and, if so, what is it?

Most people believe that removal orders or “deportation” orders only happen when you go to the immigration court and see an immigration judge. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Does testing positive for HIV make someone inadmissible to the United States?

On January 4, 2010, the United States officially removed Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection from the list of “communicable diseases of public health significance” that make an individual ineligible for admission to the United States.

Are there any special visas for translators who assisted US forces in Afghanistan or Iraq?

Under United States immigration law, there are two Special Immigrant Visas available for Iraqi citizens or nationals who have worked for the United States.

If you or a family member is facing deportation to your home country, the immigration attorneys at Hacking Immigration Law, LLC, may be able to help you fight deportation. Please fill out our contact now.