Immigration Lawyer Spotted at Federal Building by Loyal Viewer

Immigration Lawyer Spotted at Federal Building by Loyal Viewer

This is my new friend Alham. I met her this morning in the cafeteria of the federal building.

After I paid for my bottle of water, she waved me over to meet her and her daughter.

“You are the guy from the YouTube videos,” she exclaimed.

I smiled and admitted that was me.

“I have your video on my phone,” she continued. “I watched it with my husband last night to get ready for our green card interview and I was going to watch it again one last time this morning!”

Then she pulled up my green card interview tips video on her phone.

I laughed and said “well the video is great, but now you’ve got the real deal here live and in person.”

I asked her about herself – she was the foreign national. She is originally from Morocco. She didn’t have any big questions.

I thanked her for saying hi. As I walked away, she said “keep making those videos. They help a lot of people.”

“I will,” I promised.

That was awesome.

PS – when I got up to the waiting room, I saw her attorney had shown up. I was surprised because I thought she had filed without an attorney. The thought that even people with attorneys were watching our videos made me happy. But it also taught me the powerful reach of what we are trying to do by educating immigrants about the process. Pretty cool.