Relatives of Military members will now be “paroled in place”

Relatives of Military members will now be “paroled in place”

A new directive affecting immigration policy has immigrants excited that they will be able to stay with their loved ones. The term is called “paroled in place” where new guidelines put in place will allow the undocumented family members of military personnel to seek a resident visa without having to leave the country.

Renewed Policy in effect

USCIS was criticized for not implementing this directive earlier. They have long had the power to stop these types of deportation for relatives of military members and veterans. However, previously these relatives had to leave the country and then apply for the visas. This proved troublesome for certain individuals because once they were outside the country, they would be barred from returning for over a decade. Strigent requirements are still attached to this type of visa, however.

Immigration reform advocates wonder why USCIS cannot issue a similar directive to all immigrants

The application of the policy has been a case-by-case scenario right now and there is little guidance to how the new directive should be applied or to whom. USCIS distributed a nine page memorandum detailing the specifics of the policy. According to the memorandum, immediate family members will be granted parole “in place absent of any “Adverse factors such as a criminal record…” More complicated cases are advised to look into hiring an immigration attorney to apply the directive to specific needs and situations.

Despite renewed efforts to allow all undocumented immigrants to have the same opportunity to remain in the U.S., this directive only applies to relatives of military members. However, by the USCIS enforcing this new directive, it illustrates the fact that they can easily stop all deportations and allow all families to remain together if they want to.

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