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St Louis immigration law firm obtains LPR status for client in tough case

Approximately one and a half years ago, we were contacted by Ahmed (* not his real name) and asked to assist him in obtaining lawful permanent resident status.  Ahmed had served in Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath party in Iraq during that country’s invasion of Kuwait.  Ahmed had defected during that war and eventually sought asylum in the United States.

Ahmed’s asylum application was approved and he lived in the United States for many years.  When the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, Ahmed returned to his home country and served as a translator for U.S. forces and private military contractors in the second Iraq war.

After his service ended, he returned to St. Louis, working in a variety of jobs.  Ahmed applied for lawful permanent resident status based on his prior grant of asylum.  Ahmed had two interviews but waited for years for his green card application to be approved.

When Ahmed came to see us, he was at his wit’s end and was sick of getting the runaround from the St. Louis of USCIS.   Ahmed had made numerous InfoPass appointments, made numerous phone calls to the USCIS toll free number and had even contacted members of Congress.  None of these efforts helped.  Instead of approving or denying the case, USCIS simply refused to decide the case.  This is not aninfrequent occurrence at our local office.

We entered our appearance on Ahmed’s behalf at USCIS and notified the assistant US attorney who represents USCIS locally that we planned on filing suit if the local office continued to sit on the case. Shortly thereafter,, Ahmed was scheduled for a special interview with a USCIS specialist from Detroit.  The interview was videotaped and Ahmed answered questions for over two hours.  The questions focused upon his activities as a member of Saddam Hussein’s military.  We attended the interview, which went well.

Last week, Ahmed received his green card in the mail, after a wait of over seven years.  Wewere very happy to help him get his case resolved.

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The only way that we have found to get USCIS moving on your case is to sue the agency in federal district court and ask a judge to compel USCIS to take action on your case.
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im is a great attorney who always has his human side “ON”. The clients come first to him. When approached for time sensitive issues, he was readily available and was prompt. I have had to reach out to him for myself & have recommended him to others. He always welcomed everyone and gave patient hearing. And he would not mind recommending other attorneys’ if he feels that they would better serve that particular case. Even if it means one less client for him. That sums up who Jim is. Thank you Jim!

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This firm was amazing helping me with my husband’s case. Jim and his team were very responsive to all my questions and concerns. i wish I had consulted them earlier as my husband’s case was stuck in Administrative Processing for over a year and a half. Two months after I gave my case to Jim, my husband was granted his visa. Would definitely recommend them and already have recommended them to my friends.

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