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Thanks from client for being there every step of the way

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Jim helped my wife get her green card with absolutely no fuss whatsoever. He turned a potentially complicated, confusing, and risky endeavor into a clean, quick, and simple process.

My wife and I initially thought about applying for her green card on our own, and didn't even consider that we would need an attorney. "How hard can it be?" we thought.

I cannot stress this enough: do not think about attempting this without legal help. There are so many forms and pitfalls that a non-expert could easily enter the wrong information and jeopardize your application fee, not to mention you or your spouse's immigration status and your sanity.

Jim brought us in, laid all of the documents out, told us what needed to be signed, and advised us as to what documentation we would need for the immigration interview. He even brought us in and did a mock interview with us! Since Jim is an expert and has done this for countless clients, he knew exactly what to ask so that we would be prepared. As a result, the interview itself was painless and risk-free. We went into it with confidence because Jim got us ready and was with us every step of the way.

Afterward, he kept us updated and told us how long it should be before we got a response. We just got the green card in the mail, right on time. Jim is a trusted advocate, a consummate professional, and an all around good guy. I work with lots of attorneys because of my job, and Jim is absolutely, positively one of the best. If I could give him 500 stars instead of just 5, I would.

- Jason in St. Louis County, Missouri

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