A Gift from Senem and Fuat

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Senem and Fuat came to see us in January about helping Senem get her green card.

Senem and Fuat met through mutual friends, and then began dating. Senem was in Germany at the time studying, although she is from Turkey.

In 2018, they were married in Turkey and Senem moved to St. Louis to be with her new husband, Fuat.

Attorney Amany Hacking filed their I-130 application in March, and they got their interview notice and attended their interview in September. Senem was approved that same day!

Her green card was processing and mailed to our office this week. Usually when a client comes to pick up their green card, they do just that. However, Senem and Fuat came to our office with amazing roses and great treats!

Attorney Amany Hacking and everyone at the Hacking Law Practice was very heart-warmed at their great gesture. We enjoyed helping Senem and Fuat through their immigration journey and we are very happy Senem is now a permanent resident!