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Biden Copying Trump Immigration Plan

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Why is Biden continuing Trump immigration policies? Hi, I'm Jim Hacking, Immigration Lawyer practicing law throughout the United States at our offices in St. Louis, San Diego and Washington DC. With a loss in the election by Donald Trump, to Joseph R. Biden, many of us were very excited and thought that, oh, wow, we're going to see a return to normalcy, a return to sanity at USCIS and at the State Department, and that the new heads of those agencies, Ur Jaddou and Antony Blinken would start turning things around. But I have to tell you, eight months in, nine months in, we are way, way, way behind where we should be. And the sad thing is, is that the Biden Administration is continuing many of the harsh policies that the Trump Administration put into place.

Now, we told people all during the Trump Administration, that we were seeing change after change, after change, we were seeing six months worth of changes in six days. And I really mean that, that there was just... Those guys were attacking immigrants every day. They were thinking of new ways. They were making regulatory changes. They were making changes by executive order. They were doing everything they could short of getting legislation passed to make life harder for immigrants.

And so, there's some really good lawyers out there. My friends like Curtis Morrison and Greg Siskind and Charles Cook, who've been suing the crap out of the State Department for the diversity visa delays, for the fact that we're about to lose all these employment-based green cards. And we thought that the Biden Administration would sort of fold on those and stop litigating them, but this agency is so far behind, both agencies, the State Department and USCIS are so far behind and they're so inept and they're so bureaucratic and they're so slow. And they're so disdainful and hateful of immigrants that they have continued these policies.

There's no excuse for that. There's no excuse for Joe Biden's team for his immigration team, for the State Department to be continuing these policies and to be fighting these lawsuits. My friends are doing a valiant effort. There's federal judges whose attention they have obtained, and they're trying to do what they can in the courts. But I just don't understand why the Biden-Harris Administration who says that they want to be more immigrant friendly, well, they just keep sliding back to, well, we're not Trump, so therefore we're not bad. So it's just ridiculous, the fact that they're moving so slowly. We're seeing backlogs of millions and millions of cases, and there's just no sense of urgency, no sense of how do we fix this. And frankly, no caring about immigrants, no caring about US citizens who love immigrants, no caring about lawful foreign residents who love immigrants, no caring about employers who want to hire immigrants.

We have a severe job shortage here in the United States right now, and immigrants bring lots to the table. And one of the ways that immigrants could contribute would be helping filling a lot of these jobs that are needed around the country. And these are high-skilled jobs and low-skilled jobs. There's all kinds of ways that immigrants can help the community, but because of Joe Biden's ineptness and inaction and inability to move things forward and to fix these recalcitrant agencies, these agencies that just want to do what they want, nobody's really paying attention to it. And this has just been a real low priority. I can't tell you how disappointed I am in the job that they're doing.

So obviously, no shit, they're better than Trump, but that doesn't get you a pass. To me, that gets you like 10% of the way there. You've got a whole lot of responsibility for your own. And if you were acting with the same sense of urgency that the Trumpsters were acting with when they were attacking immigrants, we'd be a whole lot further along than we are right now. And I'm just us sickened by it.

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