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Green Card Race: Which State Offers The Fastest Path To Permanent Residency?

by Jim Hacking | August 2, 2023

Identifying the fastest state to get a green card can feel like navigating through a maze. The process is often confusing, filled with complex procedures and lengthy waiting periods.... VIEW POST
Can We Expect Faster USCIS Processing Times in 2023?

by Jim Hacking |

“Can We Expect Faster USCIS Processing Times in 2023?” That's the million-dollar question on every immigrant's mind. Negotiating the complexities of immigration can be a real challenge, and with... VIEW POST
Need to Speed Up Your I-130 Process? Here's How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help

by Jim Hacking | July 21, 2023

Speeding up the Form I-130 process can be a crucial step for many immigrants seeking to bring their relatives to the United States. By understanding the I-130 procedure and... VIEW POST
USCIS Expedite Request Fees: How To Speed Up Your Application Process

by Jim Hacking | July 17, 2023

Understanding the USCIS expedite request fee is a crucial aspect of navigating the U.S. immigration system efficiently. This fee can significantly impact your overall expenses and processing times, especially... VIEW POST
How An Immigration Lawyer Can Help Speed Up Your Immigration Process

by Jim Hacking |

Can an immigration lawyer speed up the process of your visa or green card application? This is a question that many immigrants grapple with. While not straightforward, the answer... VIEW POST
USCIS Premium Processing: How to Expedite Your Application in Just 15 Days

by Jim Hacking | May 30, 2023

USCIS Premium Processing is an expedited service offered by the United State Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It helps applicants get their immigration applications processed in just 15 days.... VIEW POST
Accelerate Your Immigration Process: Find a Lawyer Specializing in Immigration

by Jim Hacking |

An immigration lawyer is a highly specialized lawyer with expertise in immigration law and practices the laws related to acquiring citizenship or residency in a foreign country. They help... VIEW POST

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