Proving a Bonified Relationship Sometimes Presents Challenges

Proving a Bonified Relationship Sometimes Presents Challenges

While years ago, it used to take around four months to apply for an receive a visa for a foreign spouse, it now takes a considerably longer amount of time, especially given the current political climate. Now, these applications take around 12 to 14 months. It can, however, take longer or end in a denial if the evidence a couple submits does not meet the standards set by USCIS.

Proving the Validity of a Marriage

When it comes to substantiating a marriage for fiancé(e) visas, many people often wonder how much time a couple needs to be together to qualify. The answer may surprise you, it can be as little as one weekend. However, simply meeting the minimum qualifications for a visa of this nature often is not the best way to go about obtaining a visa.

Here at Hacking Immigration Law, LLC, we always want to submit the strongest case possible. We’ve gathered and submitted text messages, we’ve submitted travel receipts and hopefully, the couple has a long history together.

In many cases, couples from the Middle East or South Asia have arranged marriages. This can sometimes create issues when it comes to substantiating the validity of a relationship between two people. Regardless of how a marriage is officiated, there still needs to be some form of objective measurement that can be presented and submitted for a visa to be obtained.

How an Attorney Can Help

In cases such as these, the Hacking Immigration Law, LLC can work to obtain statements from family members. Texts and photos offer a great way to demonstrate the bond that two people share and to support its validity. Additionally, combining assets such as joint bank accounts, or any other assets which bear both spouses’ names are great ways to substantiate the seriousness of a relationship.