Don’t Just File a Lame Response

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Don’t just respond, fight back.

Hi, I’m Jim Hacking, immigration lawyer practicing law throughout the United States out of our office here in st Louis, Missouri. In many kinds of immigration cases, people get requests for evidence, or checklists, or follow up forms where USCIS or the State Department are asking for more information.

And I want you to have a mindset that when you receive one of these requests for evidence, don’t just look at it as a chore or a hassle, what you want to look at it as, as a opportunity to file a stronger case, an opportunity to answer all of their questions. An opportunity to fight back. And what do I mean by that?

Well, if they ask you for some updated marital evidence, you want to submit as much as you can. If you want to get your case approved, you need to be forceful and strong.

So don’t just send them the bare minimum. Go above and beyond.

So if they’re asking you about whether or not your marriage is valid, you want to get detailed affidavits from the people that you know and love and that can talk about your relationship. Or if they’re asking you about your good moral character, you’re going to want to find some real people who can go to bat for you, who can fight for you, who can sign sworn statements that say you’re a good person.

So I really want you to not be resting back, and just saying, “Oh USCIS asked me for this, I’ll get to it on the last day.”

No, no, no. You use this as an opportunity to make your case better, to nudge them along, to try to get your case closer to approval. That should be your mindset when you receive a request for evidence or a checklist.

Of course you might want to talk to a lawyer if you get a complicated request for evidence, because you might need help.

And that’s one of the things that we do is we help people submit stronger responses. We’ve taken over many cases halfway through, and helped people get them approved in certain circumstances.

When we were able to submit lots of updated evidence to show that a relationship is valid, or that an application should be approved. So important mindset shift. You want to make sure that you file the strongest case at the outset, so that you don’t get requests for evidence.

But if you do, you want to then use that as an opportunity once again to show that you are entitled to the immigration benefit that you are seeking. So I hope this all made sense.

I hope you understand that when you’re dealing with immigration that you have to be a bit aggressive, and you certainly have to stand up for yourself.

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