Can my asylum case ever be cancelled?

Yes.  Unless you have obtained a “green card” or lawful permanent resident status, you could lose your asylum status as well as the derivative asylum status given to your spouse and children if:

  1. The U.S. government has evidence that there was fraud in your asylum application.
  2. There has been a “fundamental change” in your country so that the reason you were afraid to return is no longer present.
  3. You have been convicted of a crime that meets the definition of “aggravated felony.”
  4. There exists another country which will accept you for asylum or you have obtained a new nationality.
  5. You have returned to your home country or you have used your country’s protection. For example, traveling on your home country’s passport or renewing it.

Asylum is not a right to remain permanently in the U.S. and for this reason it is important to apply for a “green card” or lawful permanent resident status as soon as you are eligible.  If you are facing termination of your asylum status, is important to consult with an immigration attorney.