Does St. Louis have an immigration court?

Unfortunately, St. Louis does not have an immigration court.  Due to budgetary constraints, the only immigration court in Missouri is located in Kansas City, Missouri.  The Kansas City immigration court, which is known as the Kansas City Executive Office for Immigration Review, is located at 2345 Grand Boulevard, Suite 525, Kansas City, MO 64108.  The Kansas City EOIR currently has two judges – Judge Paula Davis and Judge John O’Malley.  The phone number is 816-581-5000.

For Eastern Missouri and some Southern Illinois immigration cases, if the alien is not currently detained, the case will be set for a master calendar (status) hearing and if the proper timely motion is made, the alien will be allowed to attend master calendar hearings with his/her attorney by telephone.  A physical appearance in Kansas City is still required for all individual merits hearings.  If the alien is currently detained, those cases are still handled by the EOIR in Oakdale, Louisiana.  This means that hearings occur over video conferencing from the Robert A. Young federal building downtown.

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