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Does USCIS record immigration interviews?

The answer to this question, as with so many things in the law, is that USCIS does video record immigration interviews - some of the times.  USCIS has the authority to record naturalization and green card interviews.  In some offices of USCIS, the recording is obvious as the image of the person or people being interviewed appears on the monitor of the person conducting the interview.  The Baltimore field office of USCIS has been known to handle taping in this way.

In the St. Louis office, some interviews are taped and some are not.  One easy way to tell is to look for the webcam and see if the green light is on.  The safer approach - of course - is to simply assume that everything you are saying to the immigration officer is being taped and, as they say on television, "may be used against you in a court of law."  So it is always important to tell the truth and to state your position clearly and accurately.

If you have questions or concerns about an upcoming naturalization or lawful permanent resident immigration interview, please feel free to shoot us an email via our contact page or to call us at 314-961-8200.

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