How long after I file my citizenship application will USCIS schedule my naturalization ceremony?

Typically, six to eight months. After the application is filed, you will receive a receipt notice with your case number and filing date. You will also receive a biometrics appointment shortly thereafter. A biometrics appointment requires a trip by you to the local USCIS immigration field office where you will be fingerprinted and photographed. En Español.

You may receive a request for evidence. Sometimes, USCIS has follow up questions or wants a particular document for your file. Your case is “halted” while the RFE is pending. Once you respond to the RFE, your case begins processing again. Our goal in preparing your paperwork is to avoid RFEs, but sometimes they cannot be avoided.

About four or five months after your initial filing, you will be scheduled for the naturalization interview. The examining officer will review your application with you, determine if you are a person of good moral character, administer the civics and English exam and review the oath of allegiance. You will receive written confirmation that you appeared for the interview and you may or may not be notified on the spot that you have been approved.

Once your case is approved, you are put into the queue for the next available naturalization ceremony. Times change, of course, depending on the workload at the particular USCIS field office. If you have questions about your naturalization application or about an interview, feel free to give us a call at 314-961-8200 or visit our contact page here.