What foreign languages do the attorneys at the Hacking Immigration Law speak?

Missouri and Illinois immigration attorney Jim Hacking took Russian at St. Louis University High School and at St. Louis University for a total of seven years of Russian study.  Adela Zepcan was born in Bosnia and is fluent in Bosnian.  She also spent a portion of her childhood in German and is conversant in German as well.  Adela regularly translates at office meetings, at immigration and on telephone conference calls.  Mr. Hacking’s wife, Amany Ragab Hacking, is also an attorney and is fluent in Arabic and proficient in French.  Our office has Spanish translators available as well.

In short, language barriers can all be overcome.  No matter where you come from nor what language you speak, our office can have translation help so that our attorneys can provide you with the best immigration help possible.