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Wondering how working with an immigration law firm can improve your chances of success?

Regardless of your reasons for choosing to come to the United States, there are few things other than your family, job, health, and well-being that are more important than ensuring your ability to stay.

You are proud to live in the U.S., and we are glad you are here. But along with the clearance to live and work in this great country comes a complicated world of paperwork and laws that is often difficult to navigate. This can be especially challenging when you are facing a language barrier or serious legal roadblocks.

You do not need to travel this road alone:

the attorneys at Hacking Immigration Law, LLC can help

Attorney Jim Hacking has been practicing law since 1997 and helping people in the St. Louis area with their immigration issues for many years. Jim has dedicated his practice to helping clients navigate the immigration bureaucracy and has developed a reputation for assisting those who have waited too long to gaining permanent residency and citizenship in this country.  Attorney Andrew Bloomberg recently passed the Missouri Bar after graduating from Washington University School of Law.  Andrew interned at the Memphis immigration court during law school.

When can skilled immigration attorneys like Jim and Andrew help you?

  • When you have you exhausted all your options
  • When you are facing deportation
  • When you are tired of wasting time and hope to speed up the process
  • When you have an employee or family member who needs a visa
  • When you are overwhelmed by all the paperwork, bureaucracy and delays

If you are ready to get the help that you need with your immigration matter, please pick up the phone and call us at (314) 961-8200 or use our toll-free line at (314) 961-8200.  You can also email us at [email protected].