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Is DACA Safe Now?

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Yesterday, we sent you an email with breaking news that the Supreme Court ruled against President Trump and upheld the DACA program.

It was a great victory, but the fight may not be over just yet.

The reason the Supreme Court blocked Trump's attempt to take down DACA was not solely because they want to keep the program, it was because they ruled that President Trump tried to cancel the program unlawfully.

Which means it may be possible that Trump will try again, but in a more lawful way this time.

And it is a possibility that the Supreme Court will rule differently next time.

Trump took to Twitter yesterday to explain that this isn't the end of his fight to end DACA and that he will be trying again soon.

In order for Trump to be in compliance with the law, he has to go through the Administrative Procedures Act and set a notice that the program will be ending.

After that, the public will have time to comment on the notice before it could go into effect.

DACA isn't fully safe from Trump yet.

If he tries this again, it is a possibility that DACA will not be around for much longer.

But we can't think about that.

We have to be positive if we are going to win this war.

For all the dreamers, we stand with you.

We may have won the battle yesterday, but there is a war on DACA.

And we will fight with you.

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