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Lawmakers attacking Immigrant families and young Dreamers

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Attempts at passing any kind of legislation over the course of the last few months has resulted in disagreements and confusing reasons given by legislators over why immigrants should not receive benefits. Immigrant families, especially children, have been unfairly attacked by lawmakers in the Senate who believe they are the reason for various financial deficits.

Financial Burden allegedly created by Undocumented Immigrants

Sen. Kelly Ayotte has proposed some controversial pieces of legislation that she believes would save millions of taxpayer dollars. One of these plans is to take away the refundable Child Tax Credit that goes to millions of children of immigrant workers who have low paying jobs. According to Ayotte, too many immigrants are claiming the tax credit for children who do not live in the country or do not actually exist. She believes there are many other places that the money saved from denying these tax credits could be used for.

Tax Credit needs to remain to address poverty

Legislators have agreed with Ayotte that cases of fraud do exist, but it makes more sense to try to find the loopholes and then close them rather than punish every hardworking family who deserves the tax credit. There are over four million little dreamers, young children brought to the country by their families, who qualify for the tax credit and most consider denying needy families this tax credit “is cruel and ineffective.”

The Child Tax Credit has been found to be effective in addressing poverty and lawmakers have already stated there are other ways to fund programs that do not involve eliminating this one. With that, it is unlikely that any other proposals will be successfully voted on if they include taking away these credits. If anything, the Senate should focus on reducing fraud by creating stricter eligibility requirements. Until then, Congress will not be looked favorably upon by the public if they continue to take away from immigrant families, especially those trying to support their children.

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