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My first #youtube #short - Let me tell you about today's interview

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So I just had a 30-minute green card interview. My clients have been married for four years and have two kids. The file was very well-prepared by Amany and the rest of the team. The case was recommended for approval and the green card's on the way. You might be asking, why aren't I smiling? And you're probably right. But the interview went great. I'm really happy. I'm happy for my clients. The best part is, our client's going to get a 10-year green card. He is not going to have to go through the removal of conditions. And he'll be able to apply for citizenship in three years. The best part is that the officer said she had too much evidence of marriage. And that's the benefit of working with people who knew what they're talking about.

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Download Free Guide 2022 Immigrant’s Guide to Becoming a U.S. Citizen

This guide contains all you need to know
to become a U.S. citizen.

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