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Organizing For Action Holds Ballwin, Wentzville Rallies In Support Of Immigration Reform | St. Louis Immigration Attorney James Hacking

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The Missouri Branch of Organizing For Action held two rallies in Missouri at the offices of U.S Reps. Blaine Luetkemeyer and Ann Wagner in support of immigration reform. Organizing For Action is a nonprofit policy organization working to implement President Obama’s agenda. They took the time when legislators are in recess to show their support for important issues representing immigrants everywhere.

OFA bringing light to controversial issue

The two rallies are important because they are part of OFA’s “Action August” initiative that focuses on bringing attention to controversial issues while Congress members are back in their home districts for recess. James Page is the leader of the St. Louis Chapter of Organizing For Action and says he is excited to be able to help move the legislative agenda forward and boost the middle class. Page is confident in President Obama’s policies and says they will not only help increase jobs in the U.S. but also offer “a righteous path to citizenship.” More importantly it will give Dreamers an opportunity to get educated, find jobs, and live without the fear of deportation. “It will allow certain categories of immigrants a pathway to citizenship and a pathway to officially joining the U.S. tax rules, which will help to grow the economy and will help to reduce the US deficit."

August has many rallies scheduled

The rallies were held in the offices located in Wentzville and Ballwin, Mo. OFA will continue to host other similar events this month focusing on climate change and gun laws. Other groups around the country are taking similar measures or at least planning future ones during this month. With Congress in recess, constituents are taking their turn to get the attention of their legislators and protesting for their cause. OFA is just one of the groups that held a rally at the members’ offices and others are sure to join in.
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