People are Being Poisoned in Detention Centers

People are Being Poisoned in Detention Centers

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are poisoning immigrants detained in ICE detention centers.

There are two open complaints about how they are using a toxic disinfectant over 50 times a day to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the Adelanto Detention Center.

The manufacturer of the disinfectant, Spartan Chemical, warns that the disinfectant is harmful to humans and needs to be used only in well-ventilated areas.

But the center is not well-ventilated and is over-populated with people.

Yet ICE officers are spraying it throughout the facility every 20 minutes.

Many immigrants being held are complaining of severe skin burns and serious eye damage from the chemical.

One immigrant being held even said “the guards have started spraying this chemical everywhere, all over everything, all the time. It causes a terrible reaction. When I blow my nose, blood comes out.”

This chemical is not safe, and especially shouldn’t be used in such close contact.

But ICE doesn’t care.

They don’t care if people are getting sick, or even if they are dying.

They are only following orders.

Some immigrant rights groups even believe it’s retaliation for bad publicity they received earlier this year.

When COVID-19 cases were increasing in the U.S., the Adelanto Detention Center was criticized in their response of the virus after it was discovered they were only cleaning with water.

Now, they are going to the extreme.

And it’s getting to the point that people are being poisoned.

ICE officers know how dangerous the chemical is. They were given protection against it.

But detainees weren’t given any protective equipment.

They are essentially making a gas chamber.

The Adelanto Detention Center has had many complaints against them in the past, government investigators even cited the facility for “egregious violations” of federal standards.

They clearly haven’t changed their act.

We can’t allow this to keep happening.

No matter your political views, you should know that we can’t treat humans like this.