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What to Know About Visa Application Interviews in San Diego

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The process of obtaining a visa to enter to United States can be lengthy and complicated, especially in the case of immigration visas where foreign nationals seek to obtain legal permanent resident status in the U.S. One of the most important steps of this process is the visa interview, as it is the last stage before a final decision is made. Those in concerned about this part of the process should speak with a knowledgeable visa attorney at Hacking Immigration Law, LLC. Our team could tell you what you should know about the visa application interviews in San Diego.

Immigrant Visa Process

Although the procedures vary tremendously depending on the type of visa and the status of the application, the process of seeking an immigrant visa typically occurs in three stages.

In the first part, the citizen or employer who is sponsoring the immigrant files a petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Although there may be a need to answer questions or provide more information, this is usually handled via paperwork rather than an interview.

After the initial round of paperwork is approved by USCIS, the application is forwarded to the National Visa Center where a case number is assigned. At this point in the process information and fees are collected and often requests for additional documentation are made. Once the application is approved by the Visa Center, it is forwarded to an embassy or consulate where the prospective immigrant will be interviewed. When an interview date is scheduled, the applicant, the citizen who filed the petition (usually the sponsor) and the applicant's agent will be notified of the date and time of the interview.

Tasks to Complete Before the Interview

After receiving notice of the visa interview appointment in San Diego, the applicant must complete certain tasks in preparation. First, the applicant and other family members applying for a visa must schedule and undergo a medical exam by an authorized physician and obtain any necessary vaccinations before the date of the interview. The results of the exam may be sent directly to the embassy or given to the applicant in a sealed envelope and brought to the interview.

Then, the applicant should collect the required documents to bring to the interview such as photographs, financial documentation, and the originals of documents provided earlier to the Visa Center. Applicants also may find it helpful to learn more about the application by watching videos prepared by the State Department.

What Happens During the Visa Application Interview

One the date of the visa interview, the applicant, as well as a spouse or minor children immigrating with the applicant, should appear at the embassy or consulate with the required documentation in hand. The sponsor as well as any family members who are immigrating at a later date do not need to attend.

At the interview, a consular office will ask questions to determine whether the applicant is eligible to receive a visa.  It is advisable to make sure answers are clear and honest. After the interview, the officer explains whether the visa application was approved or denied. If approved, the applicant’s passport will be kept for a time so that the visa can be attached. If denied, the reason for the denial should be provided.

Speak with a San Diego Attorney for More Information About Visa Application Interviews

The types of questions that will be asked at a visa application interview vary depending on the circumstances such as the type of visa or the background of the applicant. IF you have more questions about what you should know about the visa application interview in San Diego, speak with an attorney at Hacking Immigration Law, LLC. We have handled numerous successful visa applications and could provide guidance and advice about interview strategies and techniques.

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