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Sometimes RFE's are long, but our responses are longer

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The amount of RFE's that USCIS gives is getting higher. Sometimes they are for ridiculous things that they already have, but sometimes they aren't. No matter what they are for, it is important to respond to an RFE with an overwhelming amount of information proving to USCIS that the beneficiary deserves their immigration benefits. And that is just what we did.

We recently had a client, Arun, who came to us after he applied for his green card through his spouse. They did everything they needed to; dealt with USCIS and went to the interview. But after his interview he received an RFE and didn't know what to do, so in May he hired us to handle it.

You see, he made a misrepresentation on his application, something that would make him have to go back to his home country. The only thing he could do was try to apply for a waiver that allowed him to stay in the U.S. because of being a caretaker to his wife. This waiver is very difficult to get, as it is very rare and many people are denied. However, it was his only chance and he only had 87 days to respond to the RFE.

Attorney Andrew Bloomberg spent long days working to find evidence that Arun deserved this waiver, and therefore deserved his green card. Andrew looked into the medical records of his wife, who had a slew of medical conditions that made her unable to work and could only be supported by Arun.

After compiling medical records, Andrew collected statements from Arun's wife arguing that if Arun was denied the waiver and deported, she would greatly suffer economically and emotionally without the support of her husband.

Andrew also argued that if Arun was to get deported and his wife were to follow him to his home country, she would be emotionally and medically distraught. She had never lived outside of the U.S. and long trips made her medical conditions worse. Not only this, but she feared that she wouldn't have access to the same level of care for her medical conditions.

All of this information was compiled into a response to the RFE that was over 1,000 pages long, and was sent to USCIS in July.

We succeeded in responding to the RFE with an overwhelming amount of information that proved to USCIS that Arun deserved his waiver to stay in the country and to receive his green card. His waiver and his green card were approved in August, and he has received his green card in the mail this week.

Now Arun can stay in the U.S. and support his wife, who desperately needed him to stay, all thanks to Andrew and his 1,000 page RFE response.

If you get an RFE and dont know how to respond, just remember to find as much information as you can. If you still need help, reach out to an immigration attorney.

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