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Applying for Asylum in St Louis According to an Asylum Attorney

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Applying for asylum in St Louis involves the same application as it does across the country. These applications require a lot of personal information, such as identity, who the person is married to, names of children, parents, and siblings, as well as other background information. The government will want to know the reason behind the well-founded fear of going back to their home country, and there are several questions related to that credible fear question. The asylum seekers should submit a lot of evidence that establishes what they are saying is true to the immigration court. They need to put together a complete package in the hopes of getting it approved.

A successful asylum application could have an enormous positive impact on you and your family. The application process can be complicated, but an experienced immigration attorney could help you avoid a denial or delay. If you plan on applying for asylum in St Louis, call us to discuss your situation.

Necessary Documents

There are several documents that need to be submitted. To be granted asylum, the applicant should submit all relevant identity documents, such as:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates of their children

An applicant should also submit any other documents they think are related to their case. For example, if an individual receives threats, they will want to submit copies of those threats and any other kind of documentation that supports their petition.

How to File an Application

To apply for asylum in St Louis a person files the application at a USCIS lockbox facility. It is sent by Federal Express so that they have a copy of everything and can prove that they filed in on time. That is all done through their courier or the post office.

Deadlines for Asylum Applications

If a person is applying for asylum in St Louis the general rule is that they have to apply for it within one year of arrival. If they do not apply within one year of arrival, then they might have a hard time, and their case might be denied for that simple fact alone. However, there are some arguments an asylum attorney could help make to keep their case alive. For instance, if the applicant maintained their status the whole time and then applied for asylum, or if there was a fundamental change in their country’s conditions, they might be able to establish that their asylum case was filed on time.

Potential Restrictions

A restriction someone might face when applying for asylum in St Louis relates to work. Many applicants want to know when they will be able to work, and the immigration law says that after they apply for asylum, they must wait 150 days. Then, they can apply for work authorization. They are not going to be able to work during those first five months. Plus, it takes another three months to get the work card approved. Some people might not even get a chance to get their work card because their case might get denied quickly if they put together a bad case.

How a St. Louis Asylum Attorney Could Help

The team at Hacking Immigration Law, LLC has the experience needed to help you put together a complete application package. Our firm understands how much of a difference an approval could make in your life, and we could work on your behalf to eliminate potential problems in your application. If you are applying for asylum in St Louis, contact us to see how we can help.

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