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Applying for Immediate Relative Visas in St. Louis

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An immediate relative needs a U.S. citizen to sponsor them for a lawful permanent resident status. They also need a petition filed by the U.S. citizen, or the lawful permanent resident, for their immediate relative. An immediate relative could not do it on their own if the U.S. citizen or green card holder does not participate. The U.S. citizen, or lawful permanent resident, would need to file an I-30 Petition For Alien Relative form.

A seasoned family visa lawyer could help you with applying for immediate relative visas in St. Louis. To learn how an attorney could assist you regarding immediate relative visas, call today to schedule a consultation.

How a Family Member Can Legally Visit

It is possible for an immediate family member visiting the United States to obtain their lawful residence status. However, applying for immediate relative visas in St. Louis can be complex and one needs to be cautious about following the correct procedures. If someone enters the United States on a non-immigrant visa and had immigrant intent, they could be facing serious ramifications. It all depends on a person's intent when they entered the United States. If Immigration Services believes that the individual tried to get around the regular waiting time and process when trying to become a lawful permanent resident, that individual could be hit with a misrepresentation charge. This could then make it more difficult for them to stay in the United States.

Roadblocks that a Family May Face

Currently, every immigration case is examined more carefully. There are general delays by the Immigration Services that make it harder to get a case approved. People who file without the help of an attorney sometimes submit the wrong evidence or submit the wrong forms. This causes delays or creates roadblocks to getting the case approved. It is important when a person makes their initial submission of documents to Immigration Services that they be thorough, complete, and as accurate as possible. The biggest obstacle is not knowing the right way to do things. When people try to apply for an immediate relative visa without the help of an experienced family visa attorney, they often make a mistake in the process.

Precautions to Take to Avoid Denial

To ensure family visas are not denied, the individual should be as thorough as possible when gathering their documents ahead of time to avoid receiving a request for evidence late. The reason a person wants to submit a thorough application is because their case may sit at the USCIS for months and may have to provide additional documents. Sometimes this means getting documents from overseas and that could take a while. It is of the utmost importance that one gathers the necessary documents before applying for immediate relative visas in St. Louis.

It is also important to use a checklist to make sure that the submission is accurate. A person should never make any misrepresentation to Immigration Services or the State Department to obtain a benefit. Another mistake that people make is not updating their address. The process can take significant time and people sometimes move. If they do not update their address with the USCIS, the case never follows to the U.S. citizen. Sometimes a person is denied for being abandoned simply because they never updated their address.

Procedure After Application Approval

It takes about six or seven months for the USCIS to approve an application. Once approved, the case is sent to a field office for an interview or to the National Visa Center if the person is overseas. In an overseas visa situation, the person eventually has an interview at the embassy. The interview is relatively short and the person is asked the following questions: How do you know the immediate relative? Do you still want to come to the United States? What are your plans when you get here?

The National Visa Center then will usually take the person's passport and a few weeks later will send them their visa stamp in the passport. If the person is in the United States, the approval of the I-130 Petition for Alien Relative application takes place at the same time the individual has their interview for adjustment of status.

For more information about applying for immediate relative visas in St. Louis and how an attorney could assist you with the process, call an accomplished immigration lawyer today.

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