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St Louis Spouse Visa Lawyer

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The USCIS interview is the most crucial part of the spouse visa/green card process.  When our clients receive their interview notice, they are frequently nervous about the immigration interview.  In the vast majority of cases, there is no need for unnecessary worry.  In many cases, the interview is straightforward and follows a logical sequence. Our family-based visa lawyers can work with you through the process.

When we begin the green card process for our clients, we explain to them how the process works and we provide them with a cover sheet listing all of the evidence of a shared life between a husband and wife.  We give this cover sheet to them early so that they have time to prepare a stack of documents in support of their application for the green card.  For example, sometimes the couple does not have a joint bank account.  We advise the couple to open a joint account so that when they come to the interview, they can provide several months' worth of bank statements.  The commingling of funds is strong evidence that the marriage is legitimate.

Spouse Visa Interview Process

So hopefully our clients are developing this type of evidence throughout the process.  Our office typically receives about six weeks notice prior to the visit at the St. Louis USCIS office.  We meet with the clients again and go over the entire application.  We usually do this a few weeks before the interview so as to provide ample time to address any remaining issues.  In some cases, many months have transpired between the application and the interview so reviewing the application with the client is crucial to help refresh recollections.

At the interview, we typically here these types of questions:

  • How did you both meet?
  • Do you have prior marriages?
  • What kinds of activities do you like to do together?
  • What travel have you done together?

No topic is really off limits at an interview and we have heard many unusual questions come up at an interview.

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One aspect of working with an experienced visa attorney is that we can spot potential problem issues and address them with our clients prior to the interview.  Each officer at the St. Louis field office of USCIS has particular issues that seem to be of more concern to them than others.  We can help you navigate these issues and to increase the chances of success.  Given our firm's track record with USCIS, we believe that we are trusted and that the officers know that we always encourage our clients to be truthful and honest about any problems in their application.

To learn more about how our office can help you prepare for your green card interview, feel free to contact us at (314) 961-8200 or visit our contact page here.

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