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FAQs About Immigration Delays

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Does it Matter if I am in a Different City than Your Law Firm?

We file lawsuits for immigrants across the country. Since everything takes place through pleadings in federal court, there is rarely, if ever, any kind of judicial hearing that would require the attorney or you to appear in court. Therefore, working with our firm even though you live in another city is not a problem.

What if I Already Have an Immigration Lawyer?

It is fine if you already have an immigration lawyer. We work on cases where people already have an immigration lawyer helping them with the underlying naturalization case. We do not replace that attorney.

We are representing you in federal court. So you are free to keep your prior lawyer. In fact, several lawyers have been seeking out our help for their clients’ delayed cases. We work side by side with the other lawyer to make sure the case gets moving.

How Long is Too Long to Wait?

If you have not had your naturalization interview and your case has been pending more than 12 months, you should sue. If you have had your interview and 120 days have passed, you should sue right away. USCIS hardly ever fights us in those cases.

What is the Cost?

We handle these matters on a flat fee basis. We charge a $4,100 legal fee and a $402 federal court filing fee. If you have an initial or follow up interview, we charge an attorney appearance fee if you decide to have us attend. If the interview is outside the St. Louis area, we also charge for reasonable travel expenses.

If you need to appeal a denial and want us to handle that appeal or if you need to refile, there would be additional legal and filing fees. To better understand our fees, or if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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