Taylor Gets Her Green Card!

Taylor Gets Her Green Card!

Taylor is from Australia, previously worked in Sydney, and met her now-husband in Australia.

Scott, a U.S. citizen, was working in Australia in 2017 and met Taylor online.

After talking online for about a month, Taylor and Scott had their first date, walking through Hyde Park and looking at Christmas decorations.

Very soon, they fell in love.

They went on amazing trips together to Hawaii, around the U.S., and met each other’s family.

In 2018, one year after their first date, Scott proposed to Taylor.

Taylor and Scott knew they were meant for each other – they wanted to grow and live together.

They were married on February 2, 2019.

They hired us to help Taylor obtain her green card and become a lawful permanent resident.

Attorney Amany Ragab Hacking promptly filed the forms and began the process to help Taylor and Scott begin their life together in the United States.

They were scheduled for an interview and began preparing. The interview went well, and shortly thereafter, Taylor received her green card in the mail.

We are so happy that we were a part of their story. Congratulations Scott and Taylor!