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The Best Immigration Lawyer in Philadelphia to Help You With Citizenship and Immigration Concerns

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The immigration process is complex and time-consuming. Thus, hiring an immigration lawyer from a Philadelphia immigration law firm will be beneficial.

We have listed the best immigration attorneys in Philadelphia below. At the same time, we will briefly discuss the following topics:

  • Reasons why you should hire a Philadelphia immigration lawyer
  • What immigration attorneys do to help you
  • Where to find the best Philadelphia immigration law firm


Why Should You Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

Making your way through the immigration procedure on your own is a dangerous bet that may complicate or even end in the denial of your case. Hiring an immigration lawyer increases the likelihood of success.

Additionally, procedures and forms frequently change without notice, which causes problems for people figuring out how to apply for the first time.

It can take time to determine which application to use, how to pay the costs, and where to submit the application. All of this information is readily available to a reliable immigration lawyer.

Additionally, immigration attorneys can also provide legal representation as needed.

If you hire an immigration lawyer, you may relax and let them handle the case.

How Immigration Lawyers Can Assist You

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services receives many applications yearly. Immigration lawyers assist individuals, families, and businesses in navigating complicated immigration processes.

A person's immigration status may affect or connect with other legal issues. Thus, it is essential to find an immigration attorney who can handle your specific needs.

Immigration lawyers advise clients about their legal rights and obligations relating to immigration. They can also represent clients in administrative tribunals. In addition, they make recommendations for actions based on their expertise.

Where to Find the Best Philadelphia Immigration Lawyers

Here is a list of the top Philadelphia immigration law firms where you can find seasoned and professional immigration attorneys.

Hacking Immigration Law, LLC

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Hacking Immigration Law LLC is a national immigration law company. It mainly serves Missouri and Illinois residents but caters to customers from other states.

Their legal team works with employers, U.S. citizens, and residents. Their legal expertise includes, among other things:

  • asylum law
  • nationality law
  • permanent residence to full U.S. citizenship
  • immigration appeals
  • deportation defense

They entirely focus on federal immigration law, enabling them to develop processes to streamline the rigorous immigration system for their clients.

If you are looking for immigration legal services, Hacking Immigration Law has the best legal counsel.

Aegis Law

Aegis Law, LLC is a Philadelphia-based full-service general practice law firm. It concentrates on several practice areas, including:

  • business formation
  • personal injury
  • fantasy sports law

The founding attorney of Aegis Law, Nigel S. Scott, began his legal education at the Delaware County Office of the Public Defender.

Later, he practiced law as a prosecutor at the District Attorney's Office in Philadelphia, where he tried infractions and minor offenses.


Ellenberg Law Group

For more than three decades, Ellenberg Law Group has offered legal support to clients in Philadelphia. Some of the immigration matters they handle are:

  • adoptions
  • spouse and fiancé visas
  • marriage petitions
  • green cards and other family-based immigration-related legal issues
  • removal proceedings
  • deportation defense

American Immigration Lawyers Association member Stanley J. Ellenberg is the organization's founder. He has been in practice for more than 40 years and has dealt chiefly with immigration, personal injury, and commercial and real estate litigation disputes.

Goldstein & Associates

Goldstein & Associates is a Philadelphia-based law firm that handles a variety of immigration concerns for individuals, families, and companies.

The group helps non-immigrants who want to work temporarily in the country and foreign nationals who wish to build enterprises there.

In instances involving asylum, such as those seeking refuge under the United Nations Convention Against Torture, Goldstein & Associates also fights against the deportation of clients who have requested asylum.

Ferreira Law

Philadelphia-based Ferreira Law is a full-service boutique immigration law firm established in 2015. It assists people and families in obtaining immigration benefits and choices, including the following:

  • Special immigrant juvenile status
  • T and U visa
  • green cards

Additionally, the firm develops plans and advocates for foreign nationals already living in the country to stop their deportation and support their lawful stay.

The Law Offices of Karen Atzert

The Law Offices of Karen Atzert serve customers from all across Philadelphia and the surrounding states. It handles immigration-related cases, notably those concerning family-based immigration.

It also handles legal issues such as the following:

  • deferred action for childhood arrivals
  • deportation and removal defense
  • naturalization
  • asylum

The company's principal, Karen Atzert, has experience helping victims of crimes like sexual assault, domestic abuse, and felony assault acquire green cards and U visas.

Find a Philadelphia Immigration Law Firm

Consult an expert Philadelphia immigration lawyer who can help you with any step of the immigration procedure. Even seemingly insignificant errors could result in deportation or the denial of your application.

An experienced immigration lawyer can aid you with visa applications, delays, and complex immigration cases. If necessary, they can also represent you in immigration court.


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