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The Immigration Ninja

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You can call me the immigration ninja. Hi, I'm Jim Hacking. Immigration lawyer, practicing law throughout the United States at our offices in Washington, D.C., San Diego, California, and our headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. You can call me the immigration ninja and I'm being sort of silly. And what do I mean by that? Well, having gone to a lot of interviews the last few weeks, I've realized that my job as an immigration lawyer changes from case to case. And I have to be like a ninja and I have to be able to... I really like that, a ninja. I have to be flexible. And I was thinking I could be a ninja or I could be a Swiss army knife. A Swiss army knife has like 30 things that you can do with that Swiss army knife. And what I mean by that is that when I go to an interview or when I prepare my clients for an interview, everybody comes with different needs.

Some people need handholding. Some people need to be yelled at. Some people need to be propped up. Some people need to be knocked down. And so, I guess the ninja part of it comes more so in the preparation, but it also occurs in the interview. And what do I mean by that? Well, everyone comes to their interviews in a different mindset, in a different approach, different life skills, different ability to understand English, ability to sit across from an officer and answer questions. Some get very nervous, some are very tough and get mean. So you never know what your client's going to be like. So where the ninja part comes out is the fact that I need to help bridge that gap. Wherever the client's deficiencies are, I need to bring those out and I need to step into that role.

So if I have a client who can't articulate their position, or if there's a complex legal point, I might need to make that point. Or like yesterday, my client was super nervous and she could barely breathe. And my job at that point, it was just to tell her to breathe and to listen to my voice and try to calm her down. And so, it's funny, most of the stuff that I'm talking about being the immigration ninja is that you don't... these aren't things that you teach you in law school. This is just something that I've learned having sat in hundreds of interviews, having met with people from all over the world who bring their own baggage and their own prejudices and their own fears to the immigration office. And my job is to help bring the best of them out, show them in the best light and to put them in the best position possible.

So hopefully that all makes sense. It's a little bit of a strange video, but I think it's true. I think that any good immigration lawyer has to be able to adjust on the fly, has to be able to wear lots of hats and solve lots of problems. So if you have questions and you need our help, be sure to give a call to the immigration ninja at (314) 961-8200. I think I'm enjoying that stuff too much. You can find us in our Facebook group, which is called Immigrant Home. We'd love to have you in. Maybe we should change it to the immigration ninjas. And then, we have our YouTube channel. You should subscribe to it. That way you'll get an update whenever we shoot a new video, which is every single day. And on most Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon central, you'll find me live in our Facebook group and on our YouTube channel answering as many of your immigration law related questions as possible. Thanks a lot and have a great day.

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