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This is Why We File Lawsuits

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How many times do we have to sue the U.S. Embassy in Casablanca before they realize that they need to change?

In late July, a man by the name of Tarik contacted our office to help get his wife, Laila, to the U.S.

Laila was in Morocco.

Tarik had filed the I-130 application for Laila in October of 2017.

Tarik and Laila jumped through the hoops. They did everything they were supposed to do.

They paid the fees, went to the medical appointments, everything.

Their case was approved by USCIS in July of 2018, and Laila was interviewed at the Casablanca Embassy in December of 2018.

Tarik expected Laila to arrive in the U.S. soon, so he waited for updates.

He waited, and waited, and waited.

But nothing was happening. His case was pending in "Administrative Processing".

He tried everything he could. He contacted the Embassy to get information on Laila's application, but they only gave him very generic answers that meant nothing.

So he waited some more.

Finally, he did some research. He found our website and saw that we do lawsuits, and that we have a pretty good success rate of getting cases moved.

Tarik consulted with us and we moved to begin his lawsuit.

We served the Department of Homeland Security, USCIS, the Department of State, the Casablanca Embassy, and every person in charge of them.

Tarik was getting nervous. This was all new to him, he didnt know if the lawsuit would really work.

Finally, on October 10th their case was updated.

Laila resubmitted all of the documents that the National Visa Center was requesting.

On October 22, Laila's immigrant visa was issued.

On October 30, Laila landed in the U.S.

Now they are able to live together as husband and wife.

This is what lawsuits can do for people, and this is why we do them.


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