Understanding H4 Visas

Understanding H4 Visas

H4 visa holders are the spouses of H-1B visa holders. Traditionally, those on H4

visas are unable to work or attend school full time on their visa. However, there are

options for those looking to work or seek a degree while in the country.


The Obama administration changed the policy to allow an H4 visa holder to work.

However, the current administration undid that rule, meaning they no longer allow

H4 visa holders to work unless their spouse has an approved I-140.

There is currently a lawsuit challenging the revocation of the law that is working

its way through the courts. This has paused that decision based on other decisions

that have been reached by Federal courts.


Individuals on H4 visas are also unable to go to school full time. If a holder of a

H4 visa wants to attend school, they have to transfer to an F1 visa. It is important to

follow the requirements when changing status. For example, a person must

maintain their status up until the day that the change is approved. In other words,

they must start seven months early, so they have enough time while the current

visa is in place.


It is important for anyone on an H4 visa to understand what they can and cannot do

on their visa. For example, if they wish to return to school, they must first follow

the process of changing their visa. To discuss your options, call Hacking Law

Practice, LLC today.