USCIS is a Public Charge

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You may remember when USCIS expanded the public charge rule to include millions of new immigrants.

It lectured immigrants to become more self-sufficient, and not to rely on aid from the government.

Now, USCIS is asking for aid from the government.

How ironic.

News of USCIS being broke came to light just within the past few months, and now they are asking Congress for more funding.

USCIS is funded entirely by application fees instead of Congress funding, but because the Trump Administration has focused so much finances on deporting immigrants, USCIS has no money left to continue.

They say they are broke because of the coronavirus.

And while that may be a small reason, it’s definitely not the entire reason.

Since President Trump took office, USCIS has spent more time and money on trying to create a denaturalization task force, hunting immigration fraud, and the ridiculous creation of extra work to discourage immigrants.

Work that includes denying cases on minor administrative issues, sending out requests for evidences for unnecessary documents, and creating more mandatory in-person interviews.

These policies require employees to spend many more hours on every application.

But time is money.

And USCIS is running out.

Now they are coming to Congress, asking for $1.2 billion, and permission to make immigrants pay even more money on application fees just to be denied.

It’s not right.

Immigrants should not be punished because USCIS can’t manage it’s money.

So hopefully Congress will tell them to get their act together.

USCIS doesn’t deserve the money.

They’ll just use it to waste our time again, run out of money again, and start a vicious circle.