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USCIS Premium Processing: How to Expedite Your Application in Just 15 Days

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USCIS Premium Processing is an expedited service offered by the United State Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It helps applicants get their immigration applications processed in just 15 days.

With this service, applicants can decide on their application considerably faster than usual. This service center helps individuals who must travel for employment, family, or other reasons necessitating a quick decision.

In this article, we'll discuss the following:

  • Eligibility for premium processing
  • How to file for the service
  • Premium processing benefits

Eligibility for Premium Processing

Premium processing is available for specific types of applications, including Form I-129 (nonimmigrant worker petition), Form I-140 (employment-based immigrant visa petition), and Form I-765 (application for employment authorization).

However, the premium processing service fee is not available for all USCIS applications. Some examples of ineligible forms include Form N-400 (U.S. citizenship application) and Form I-485 (adjustment of status to lawful permanent residence).

How to File for Premium Processing?

The first step to expand premium processing is to complete and present Form I-907, a request for premium processing service, together with a particular money order for the appropriate fee. 

You must also include evidence that a petition or application requiring premium processing is attached to pending form, such as a copy of the form and supporting documentation.

Once you have presented your application and fee, USCIS will review it within 15 days and either approve or deny your request. If approved, you’ll receive an approval notice, and your case may be forwarded to a local office for further processing.

The fee for Premium Processing varies depending on the kind of request and whether or not you are filing an immigrant petition. For example, the premium processing fee for Form I-765 (Employment Authorization Document) is currently $1,500; the filing fee for Form I-129 L1 (Work Visa Petition) is $2,500.


3 Benefits of Premium Processing

Using USCIS' Premium Processing services can provide several advantages to those looking to expedite their immigration applications. 

Here are some key advantages of using Premium Processing:

Faster Processing Times

With USCIS Premium Processing, you can expect your application to be processed within 15 days, compared to the several months or longer many applications take if processed through standard channels.

Updates on Your Application Status

When using Premium Processing, you'll receive constant updates on the position of your application as it moves through each stage of processing.

Calculate Processing Times Accurately

With Premium Processing, you'll better understand when your application will be processed and can plan accordingly.

When Do You Need to Apply for Premium Processing?

Certain circumstances may make using Premium Processing even more beneficial. These include:

When You Need a Decision on Your Application Quickly

If you have an upcoming interview or travel plans that depend on the outcome of your immigration application, using Premium Processing can help ensure that you get a decision quickly.

When You've Been Waiting for Too Long

Using Premium Processing to request expedited processing can be the right way to get your application moving if you've been waiting longer than expected for a response.

When You Need a Specific Outcome

With a Premium Processing request, you can request that USCIS process your application with a goal in mind — for example, if you're applying for a visa and need the result within a certain timeline.


3 Tips for Successful Premium Processing

For fast document processing, USCIS Premium Processing may be a good choice. However, there are specific guidelines to observe to ensure a seamless transaction. 

Below are some excellent practices to consider:

Look for Options

If you are applying for a work-based visa, such as one reserved for those with exceptional ability seeking permanent residence, you should research your options carefully. Selecting the right option is crucial since some categories are exempt from the Premium Processing cost.

Check the Paperwork You’ve Done

Before submitting your application, verify all papers. To avoid discrepancies, have your documents validated by an appropriate official or agency.

Submit a Complete Application

Submitting a full application is the best way to succeed with Premium Processing. Ensure all the required documents are included, and the forms are filled out correctly.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Using Premium Processing

When utilizing Premium Processing for your immigration application, it's important to know common pitfalls that can hinder the process. 

Avoid the following frequent pitfalls:

Not Preparing a Complete Application

Be sure to present all required documents and information along with your application so that it can be processed as quickly as possible.

Unavailability for Interviews or Appointments

You may be needed to attend an interview or appointment during the Premium Processing timeline. It is important to be available and responsive to keep your application on track.

Missing Deadlines

Ensure you know all deadlines related to Premium Processing fees, such as when you need to submit additional documents or information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Premium Processing

How long does Premium Processing take?

When you opt for Premium Processing, the USCIS guarantees a response within 15 calendar days of filing your application. 

This is significantly faster than the normal processing time, which can range from several weeks to months, depending on the kind of application and current backlogs.

Does opting for Premium Processing guarantee approval?

No, it does not. The USCIS still need to review your application and ensure you meet all the eligibility requirements before making a final decision. 

Choosing Premium Processing simply expedites the processing of your application.

Can I request Premium Processing after filing my application?

Yes, you can. You can request Premium Processing up to 15 days after filing your application. 

However, if the USCIS has already issued a decision on your case before you request Premium Processing, you will not be suitable for this service.


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USCIS Premium Processing is a great way to expedite your application and get an answer from USCIS in just 15 days. It can assist save you time, money, and stress while waiting for the results of your immigration petition or application.

This service will ensure that all documents are properly reviewed by USICS staff so that decisions can be made quickly and efficiently. We hope this topic has helped provide information about using USCIS Premium Processing to speed up your application process.


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