USCIS Rescheduling Interviews?

USCIS Rescheduling Interviews?

Is USCIS is starting to re-schedule interviews? Hi, I’m Jim Hacking, immigration lawyer practicing law throughout the United States out of our office here in St. Louis, Missouri. If you’re wondering what might look new in this video, it’s my new spectacle. Got some new glasses. And I am one blind bastard, so I have a really hard time seeing so I always ave to get my glasses updated about once a year. And if you notice, the curve of my glasses or my lenses are so thick that sometimes the blue comes through my glasses. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed that, but let me know down below what you think about the new glasses.

But anyway, in this video, we are talking about situations where … What am I talking about? Hold on. Oh yeah. Re-scheduling interviews at USCIS. And so in today’s video, we’re going to talk about situations where you had an interview scheduled at USCIS and then during the coronavirus, it got re-scheduled. Last week our mail came and we received 16 interview notices in one day for our office. That was sort of insane. And everybody swung into action, and we plotted them out week by week. And we started figuring out how to get our cases ready for interview. We do a lot of work right before the interview to get the cases ready. Our team was a little stressed, but they rallied and they’re getting those cases put together for an interview.

And so you might see situations where USCIS is getting cases moving again. Now, we all know also that USCIS is having financial problems and they might be sending people out on furlough at the end of August 2020, but so far it seems like they’re still planning on conducting interviews. We’re getting notices, and of course those was might get de-scheduled, but everything’s still fluid at USCIS. You have to be ready for anything. If I had a pending green card case or a citizenship case, I would be working off and on in anticipation of an upcoming interview. I’d be getting more documents together. I’d be getting my case ready. I’d be practicing answering the questions. The best way to do that is to have someone read them to you out loud.

Most times the interviewing officer will go right off the N-400 or the I-45 or the I-130. Sometimes they’ll go off script and you have to be ready for that. But there’s no substitute to having somebody read you the questions to get ready for the interview. We are starting to see cases get re-scheduled. Hopefully your case will get re-scheduled. There’s not much that you can do to ask them to re-schedule it. They’re just going on their own systems, but it does seem like their systems are back on at least for now.

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