How Do I Apply for a Fiancé Visa in St. Louis?

How Do I Apply for a Fiancé Visa in St. Louis?

Are you trying to obtain a fiancé visa? Our St. Louis immigration lawyers can help you through the daunting task of completing the paperwork and dealing with U.S. Citizenship and Immigrant Services (USCIS).

Fiancé visas are available only to people coming to the United States to marry U.S. citizens. When you come to Hacking Immigration Law, our St. Louis immigration attorneys can ensure that the correct steps are followed in order to obtain your visa as quickly as possible. We will ensure that all paperwork is filed, that all necessary documents and forms are approved, and that they are sent to the National Visa Center. We will provide a checklist requesting original and additional documents, as well as an affidavit of support. This is a document signed by the fiancé or sponsoring family member that promises the government reimbursement if the immigrant ever becomes a burden on the tax rolls or the social safety net in existence for Americans.

The person applying for the visa will also need to visit the police station in order to prove good moral character, as well as a clean background check. Once all of these elements are packaged together and approved by the National Visa Center, they will be forwarded to the particular embassy for adjunction and interview. This process takes between six and nine months.

If you are applying for a fiancé visa, a lawyer at Hacking Immigration Law will help you with the details of applying and obtaining approval. Call our office at 314-961-8200 to schedule a consultation.