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You Can't Be Nervous at Your Interview

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Hey, everybody. It's Jim. I'm walking in D.C. and thought I'd shoot a short video to tell you about my interview today. So, this was a tough case. It was an employment-based green card case. And the beneficiary had an incident at her home that resulted in a citation. And the officer called us into his office and he could tell right away that my client was nervous. And the officer and the beneficiary happened to be from the same country, so he tried to relate with her on that. And she was just so physically nervous that it was actually hard for the officer to get through to her.

And so I was glad that he started off with some basic questions and he saved the discussion of the incident till the very end. He told me a funny story about when he himself had naturalized that the officer had brought a gun into the interview and had set it down on the desk when she interviewed him. So he said from that point on, he's always wanted to make it easier on the immigrant, unless he thinks they're lying. But as long as he doesn't think they're lying, he's good to go.

So, I think the lesson I learned today is that every officer's different. Every officer handles cases differently. This interview went well. It could have gone very differently if we had a different officer, a not so nice officer. I mean, this guy did everything he could to relate to the beneficiary. And the thing is, I don't know that it did all that good. She was just as nervous when we finished is when we started. Hopefully the case is going to be approved, but the lesson is, like I always say, you just got to be ready for anything at an interview. You never know which officer you're going to get, how they're going to react, what they're going to think about your case. And you just got to go with the flow baby, go with the flow. That's the key, and let the officer do their magic.

All right? All right, everybody. Peace out. Heading back to St. Louis. You know how to get ahold of us, (314)-961-8200. You can email us, info@hacking We have our YouTube channel with our show every Tuesday and Thursday at noon Central. And then of course we have the YouTube channel you should subscribe to. Thanks a lot. See you next time.

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