Should I believe everything that I read on the internet about spouse visa interviews?

If you haven’t already been looking around the internet to find out information regarding spouse visa interviews, it is my strong recommendation that you not do that.  There is a huge amount of misinformation floating around cyberspace regarding green card interviews and you will do yourself no good by visiting chat boards dedicated to discussing this important topic.

This is true for several reasons.

First, many, many immigration cases are extremely straightforward and approvable.  The stories of these cases rarely make their way onto the internet, except for our website.  This results in a skewed number of stories regarding how a spouse visa interview went.

Second, you have no idea if the stories are true or false.  For all you know, the horror story that you just found on the internet regarding an interview that went poorly is entirely false.  Do you have any way of checking?

Third, every case is different.  This means that different USCIS officers ask different questions and handle each case differently.  You cannot assume that because a certain question was asked a certain way in one case means that the same question will be asked of you.

Each immigration office handles these interviews differently – what may be true in Portland, Oregon, may not be true in Atlanta, Georgia or St. Louis, Missouri.  Even within the same office, different officers handle their interviews differently.

But the main reason that you should not waste your time reading about other peoples’ cases is that it will only stress you out, make you anxious and cause you headaches from all of the worry.  Whatever may or may not have happened in another case has little to no bearing on your case.

So give yourself a break.  If you have a question, ask your immigration lawyer.  Don’t ask the uneducated masses on the internet.  Trust me on this one.