What are the tests that I will have to take at my naturalization (citizenship) exam?

USCIS administers several tests during the citizenship interview.  The immigration officer will test your knowledge of the English language.  This will consist of general interview questions and a request that you write a sentence in English.  You will also have to correctly read a sentence in English.

The officer will also ask you ten civics questions.  You have to provide correct answers to six of them. The officer usually stops once you get six right.

USCIS provides resources for the English portion of the exam.  You can review those resources here.

The list of the 100 civics questions, in both English and Spanish, are also available for your review here.  You will also find videos about the interview process and the exams on this site.

If you would like assistance with the naturalization process, the St. Louis Missouri immigration attorneys at the Hacking Immigration Law would like to help you.  Feel free to contact us and we will explain to you how the process works, help you prepare for the exam and your interview and to help you gather the documents and evidence that you will need for your application.